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You can now purchase a home with zero money down. You can achieve the American Dream.

A home of your own should never be something you just dream about. It should be where you live.

But many dreams have been put on hold, or have been destroyed, because of down payment myths. Some people think they need 20% down. Others think that if they’ve owned a home before, they can’t get financial help.

The facts are much different.

Do you know there are programs that will help you come up with money for your down payment?

Don’t let a down payment stand between you and a home of your own. Get the facts, and get a real estate professional who understands the facts working for you.

Eligible households may qualify for a maximum loan amount of up to 4% of the first mortgage loan amount in ALL counties of Washington State. The funds can only be used for down payment and closing costs. This is a deferred second mortgage (no payments) at 0% interest. Payable in 30 years, or at the time of sale, refinance or transfer.

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I can help you make your down payment issues go away.


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P.S. Helping you get all the financial help you deserve for your down payment is my expertise. It’s also my passion. Call me now before the money that’s on the table for you goes away.